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Field of asparagusField of asparagusAt Conservas Osés, the entire preparation process of our products follows traditional methods and is performed in the most natural way possible.

After harvesting, which is carried out manually, the produce is transported to our facilities where it is carefully cleaned, cut, blanched and cooled.

When ready, the produce is preserved in tins and jars selected in line with rigorous quality controls and safety tests, and hermetically sealed, thereby guaranteeing the highest possible quality of the end product.

Asparagus harvestAsparagus harvest The tinned/jarred products are finally inspected and labelled before being released onto the market.

In this way, Conservas Osés delivers the best of Navarra to your table, maintaining all the flavour of the finest, home produce.

        Video on asparagus preparation:


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OSES | Conserves artisanales, LODOSA (NAVARRA) SPAIN.

Factory | Ctra. Estella, nº 1 · 31293 Sesma (Navarra) | Tlf. (+34) 948 698 492 · (+34) 649 915 069

Warehouses | Pol. El Ramal, nº 2 · Calle San Agustín, s/n · 31580 Lodosa (Navarra) | Tlf. (+34) 948 693 322