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Accessibility aims to achieve universal Internet access. The WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative), developed by W3C, the aim of which is to facilitate access to people with disabilities by developing accessibility guidelines, improving Web accessibility appraisal and repair tools, performing educational and awareness-raising work regarding the importance of the accessible design of Web sites and opening up new fields in accessibility through research in the area. The main idea is to make the Web site more accessible to all users regardless of their circumstances and the devices involved when it comes to accessing information. Taking this idea as a basis, an accessible site is one which is accessible to people with disabilities and any other person in external circumstances which hinder information access (in the event of external noise, in situations in which visual and auditory attention are not available, etc.).


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OSES | Conserves artisanales, LODOSA (NAVARRA) SPAIN.

Factory | Ctra. Estella, nº 1 · 31293 Sesma (Navarra) | Tlf. (+34) 948 698 492 · (+34) 649 915 069

Warehouses | Pol. El Ramal, nº 2 · Calle San Agustín, s/n · 31580 Lodosa (Navarra) | Tlf. (+34) 948 693 322